Ferro-Molybdenum (FeMo) is one of the most important Molybdenum alloys, with a 60-75% Molybdenum content, and used as an alloying element in steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals.

Ferromolybdenum has hardening properties, which makes it incredibly solid and weldable since molybdenum is one of the top five metals at melting point. Furthermore, adding Ferromolybdenum to an alloy can increase corrosion resistance.

Below are the most common specifications this group can supply.

Mo % (Molybdenum) *Cu % (Copper) C (Max) % (Carbon) S (Max) % (Sulfur) Si (Max) % (Silicon) P (Max) % (Phosphorus)
60-70 0.5-1 0.1 0.15 1 0.05