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Hadid Pooya Tosan Samangan Company (manufacturer of semi-heavy and heavy casting iron parts) will be on stream in a few months. Total investment is estimated to be almost 10 million USD of which 8 million USD has been invested already. Production Capacity of the first phase: 100,000 Mt per year

This manufacturing company with an area of  30,000 square meters is located in Golgohar industrial zone, near Sirjan city. In its very first phase, the factory is annually producing more than 100,000 Mt of billets taking advantage of the continuous-casting method.

One of the main distinguishing features of Tosan Poya Samangan is the ability to produce steel billets in 230 mm thickness, applying a continuous casting machine with a radius of  11 meters.  Additionally, the factory is capable of casting heavy and semi-heavy parts weighing from 7 Mt to 50 Mt utilizing different steel alloys and cast iron.



Alloy Grade Alloy Base Item
· From GG20 grade to GG60
· Alloy and high silicon cast iron
· Cryogenic cast iron
Gray cast iron 1
· GGG40 to GGG70
· Alloy Ductile Iron and austempered ductile iron
Ductile iron 2
· Ni Hard
· ASTM Type A to D
White cast Iron and Abrasion wear resistance white iron 3
· From Gs25 grade to GS70 Plain carbon steels 4
· Low alloy steel contains manganese, chromium, Nickel, Molybdenum and, Low alloy steels 5
· Abrasion resistance and Hadfield (Mangalloy)
· Stainless steel grades 300 and 400
· Heat resistance steels
Alloy steels
High alloy steels