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Tosan Group

manufacturing, trading, and engineering companies

Tosan Group


Tosan Group of Companies

Tosan Group of Companies, consisting of manufacturing, trading, and engineering companies, aimed to be amongst the top ten private companies in the steel industry in ten years in Iran by emphasizing customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. 

Tosan Group of companies actively supply steel and related markets competitively complying with the highest world-class standards.


The Tosan Group of Companies works efficiently to meet customers’ needs in the steel and related industries. As a part of its product portfolio, Tosan Group of Companies supplies raw material, steel billets, steel sections, and flat steel products.

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Tosan holding consists of:


Tosan Moshaveran Espadana company

(manufacturer of sponge iron with the capacity of 30 KT monthly which is to be tripled by June 2022) is running with 4 million USD working capital plus 6 million USD more investment to increase the capacity. The annual sales amount of the factory is almost 80 to 100 million USD.  


Hadid Pooya Tosan Samangan Company

(manufacturer of semi-heavy and heavy casting iron parts) will be on stream in a few months. Total investment is estimated to be almost 10 million USD of which 8 million USD has been invested already. 


Tosan Espadana Casting Industries company

is located in Najaf Abad Industrial Zone with almost 1.2 million USD investment.


Radin Poolad Tosan Espadana company

(trading company) with almost 0.8 million USD assets and capital is handling local sales of the holding.


Tamin va Tadarok Tosan Farabin

(procurement company) with almost 0.1 Million USD assets and capital is handling the procurement job of the holding.


Tosan Insaat Ticaret

 as a branch of the group abroad is to facilitate import-export of the group and by now has invested 1.5 million USD to buy office and residence in Turkey.


Pars Poulad Yaran (44% ownership)

is the manufacturer of Cold briquette Iron CBI with a capacity of 25KT monthly and the total investment of 10 million USD.


Razmyaran Company (45% ownership)

 is the major producer of connecting rods of the automotive industry in Iran with the production of a capacity of 3 million pieces of connecting rods annually. 


Azarakhshyaran Company (30% ownership)

is the producer of connecting rods of the automotive industry in Iran with a production capacity of 2 million pieces of connecting rod annually. 

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